The Moray and Shakespeare Tour

This tour will visit the sites made famous in Shakespeares Macbeth whilst also visiting some of Morays beautiful coastal villages. If you wish, we may also incorporate a visit to a local distillery so that you can learn about and taste some of Scotlands finest whisky. First stop is Cawdor Castle, famed for its beautiful gardens and the place where Shakespeare places the murder of Duncan by Macbeth. Although Cawdor Castle was not erected until the 14th Centuary, the Bards words still ring true ‘ This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air. Nimbly and sweetly recommends itself. Unto our gentle senses. Onwards to Brodie and ‘Macbeths Hillock’ and Brodie Castle, believed to be the site of the ‘blasted heath’ where Macbeth and Banquo meet the weird sisters and hear the prophecy that Macbeth is destined to become King. Onwards to Forres and the believed site of King Duncans Castle. Although nothing of the fortress remains you can visit the site of where it once stood at Castlehill. Moving along the coast we will visit Findhorn and its beautiful bay, perhaps stop for a spot of lunch and something to drink before proceeding eastwards through the Pictish settlement of Burghead and Hopeman before visiting Spynie Castle, the residence of Moray’s bishops for 500 years. Its is believed that Duncan landed here before proceeding to Pitgaveny to face Macbeth in battle. Onwards to Birnie Kirk, where it is believed that Macbeth may have wed Gruoch, the historical Lady Macbeth. Established in the 6th Century, the existing property is from around 1140 but the Celtic bell situated inside is believed to date from its founding. Onto Elgin and Pitgaveny where the battle between King Duncan and Macbeth took place and finally Elgin Catherdral, where it is believed Duncan was taken after being wounded in battle and subsequently died.